Fighting for Mercian independence since 2001
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ᚾᛖᚹᛋ ᛗᛖᚱᚳᛁᚪ ᚠᚪᚳᛏᛋ ᚳᚩᚱᚱᛖᛋᛈᚩᚾᛞᛖᚾᚳᛖ ᛚᛁᚾᚳᛋ

What is "Mercia"?

  • Mercia is a part of south-central Great Britain more frequently known as the "Midlands". It was previously an independent state, but was conquered in the 10th century AD by Wessex, with the illegal deposition of Queen Aelfwynn. Since then it has remained in foreign hands, now being ruled from London. Mercia has been divided between two "Government Office" regions of "West Midlands" and "East Midlands", as part of a Labour government plot in 1994.
  • Mercia's population of 11 million is roughly four times that of Wales, and over twice the size of Scotland's. And yet Mercia has no degree of 'home rule' at all, being split into dozens of so-called "counties" under a typical Kentish divide-and-conquer policy.
  • Mercia has ports on the Bristol channel, the Irish sea, and the North sea. Our territorial demends include the so-called "traditional Counties" of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Stamfordshire, Hereford and Worcester, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Winchcombeshire, Westmidlandsshire, Northamptonshire, Huntingondshire, and Cambridgeshire.
  • Mercians are not an officially recognised "ethnic group", instead the government would have you belive we are English!
  • The Celtic language once spoken in Mercia has by the original Mercians been oppressed out of existence. There are no native speakers of Cumrian at all, and all written records have been destroyed! Also, Mercian dialects of "English" are frequently mocked!!!
  • The special letters "þ" and "ð" neccesary for writing Mercian are not on so-called "United" Kingdom keyboards. Instead we are supposed to "make do" with this "digraph" of TH. Hundreds of thousands of Mercians have been sent to die in wars started by the Hanoverian regime over the centuries! And were the Mercian people ever consulted about this? No!
  • Billions of pounds of tribute (or as they call it "taxes") paid to London each year, stay in London, proving employment for Londoners. This is outright theft cannot continue! An independent Mercia will split government facilities between the major cities, rather than concentrating on the main capital, Chester!
  • Mercian interests are not represented abroad. Not one country recognises Mercia as an oppressed nation. This is due to fear of retaliation by the Kentish-Wessex mafia and their servants Northumbria, Scotland, Wales and Ulster!
  • It is no longer "politically correct" to call Wales part of England, but if you attempt likewise to distinguish Mercia and England in polite conversation, people just ignore you!
  • The Kentish dominated media oligarchy has been so succesful at keeping Mercian Nationalism off the agenda, that most people have never even heard of the Mecian Nationalists!!!

We call out to all Mercians, whether you be from Birmingham or Lincoln, from Liverpool or Cambridge, from Nottingham or Gloucester, to rise up and overthrow the imperialistical scum from Wessex-Kent and their collaborators in Northumbria!!! May the Greater London Empire of England and all those who support it die!

Have fun and remember, an INDEPENDENT MERCIA or DEATH.

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