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Here we have decided to link to a number of other groups that may be of interest to students of Mercian nationalism.

Other Mercian organisations

Firstly, there was "Mercian Socialist Party", which popped up on the interwebs in around 2003. Their website was hosted on geocities but we have linked to a copy on You may note that they stole our map of Mercia. This may be because they were godless communists with no understanding of property rights.

The "Acting Witan" is one of a few websites that appear to parody the idea of Mercian Nationalism, although it has to be said they are neither original nor funny. This group claims to be the acting Witan - i.e. the legitimate legislative assembly of Mercia. Although they claim to have been founded before the MNP, in fact their domain was only registered in 2004, well after the establishment of the MNP and the MSP.

Another organisation that has joined the bandwagon is "Sovereign Mercia", who take a much more political approach, with a definite idea of how a Mercian state should be structured. Their Yahoo group dates to 2006, and their website is well worth a read if you liked this one!

It appears that none of these organisations are registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party.

Other organisations

We were recently contacted by the Regionalist Front of Dumnonia, who seem to be fairly sensible.

Have fun and remember, an INDEPENDENT MERCIA or DEATH.

Thanks to the EVIL MAGIC group for hosting our sight